Although most people vape in Wattage Mode it is still worth understand what Temperature Control Mode is and how it works. Normally when we vape we set the wattage and fire the coil. This means that the mod regulates the amount of Amps needed for the coil to release that particular amount of Wattage (energy) from the coil. Alternatively in Temperature Control Mode we would set the temperature and the mod would use the required amount of watts to reach that temperature and sustain it for the duration of the draw. In Temperature Control Mod the watts will jump up and down in order to sustain the temperature whereas, in Wattage Mode the coil gets increasingly hotter the longer the coil is fired.

Temperature Control Mode is possible because certain resistance wire increases their resistance predictably when heated. For example, the resistance of Kanthal doesn’t change which make it suitable for vaping in wattage mod. However, the resistance of Nickel and Titanium increases as the coil is heated and therefore the coils gets super hot and will eventually burn the wick if these materials were used in Wattage Mode at a set wattage.

Temperature Control Mode is worth trying as it delivers a consistent temperature for the duration of the draw. The mod uses lots of wattage at the beginning of the draw to reach the set temperature and then is pulses the coils a varying levels of wattage to sustain this temperature. This results in the the vapour reaching a hot temperature at the beginning of the draw and then cooling slightly before heating a little again and the cooling again, and so on.

Common vaping temperatures are in the range 200°C- 250°C / 392°F – 480°F. Some mods will allow you to also set the wattage you want to reach you preferred temperature while other mod will always use the maximum amount.